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Don't pay tourist rates for foreign exchange. A specialist foreign currency dealer can give you a far better rate and save you a lot of money.

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Holiday home and ex-pat insurance is just so much easier to arrange if the policy and claims are in your own language.

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Irish Mortgage rates

Note: Mortgage Cost per thousand is based on an annuity/repayment mortgage over a 20 year term for a new homeloan. Rates for existing mortgage borrowers are usually higher.

Don't forget to take into account any conditions such as early redemption fees or a requirement that you use the lender's insurance. This can wipe out the apparent savings from a good mortgage interest rate deal.

Why not let MoneyBackMortgages shop around for you? They will also give you a refund of any mortgage commission the lender pays them!

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Rates updated 25 November

10 Year Fixed

Lender Rate % APR % Cost / €1000

Permanent TSB 5.250 5.400 6.740

Allied Irish Bank PLC 5.300 5.400 6.753

EBS Building Society 5.290 5.470 6.760

Bank Of Ireland PLC 5.590 5.600 6.920

ICS Building Society 5.590 5.700 6.930

1 Year Fixed

Lender Rate % APR % Cost / €1000

4.740 5.200 6.460

EBS Building Society 4.740 5.370 6.460

IIB Homeloans 4.990 5.340 6.590

Allied Irish Bank PLC 5.200 5.320 6.698

Permanent TSB 5.200 5.400 6.710

Bank Of Ireland PLC 5.390 5.400 6.800
property in ireland
Irish property