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You can advertise a house for sale here too - for less than the cost of a single day in the paper.
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Irish property

Currency file

Don't pay tourist rates for foreign exchange. A specialist foreign currency dealer can give you a far better rate and save you a lot of money.

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Insurance file

Holiday home and ex-pat insurance is just so much easier to arrange if the policy and claims are in your own language.

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Mortgage recommendations

The best mortgage deal for you depends on where the property you want to use as security is located - not necessarily the property you want to buy.

For example,
  • if the property you are buying is in Ireland, then MoneyBack Mortgages is the place to go, regardless of where you live or work.

Getting a Mortgage

Irish mortgage rate league tables and mortgage calculators to help you work out how much you can afford.

Find out how to get the best mortgage rate in Ireland with all commissions refunded - save thousands of €!

Mortgage brokers

If all of that has left you more confused than when you started, let MoneyBack Mortgages explain it to you and help you choose which mortgage is best for you.

If the property you are buying is in Ireland, MoneyBack Mortgages can arrange a mortgage for you but if it is elsewhere, read our Foreign Mortgages page for some valuable tips on choosing a broker.

Mortgage rates

To add to the confusion with different mortgage types, there are myriad rates on offer too.

It isn't just a case of picking the mortgage with the lowest quoted interest rate or even the lowest APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Generally, the most reliable guide to the cost of a mortgage is the monthly repayment per €1000 borrowed.

We provide a listing of some of the best mortgage rates available.
Mortgage types

Types of Mortgage

If you have a good credit history and sufficient earnings, whether from employment or self-employment, you have a bewildering choice of mortgages available to you.

As well as traditional Annuity or Repayment mortgage there are Endowment mortgages, Interest only and low-start mortgages, Pension linked or Equity linked mortgages and many more.
Which type of mortgage is right for you depends on your individual circumstances and if in any doubt, you would be well advised to consult a financial adviser or a specialist mortgage broker.

But do make sure you pick a mortgage broker who is truly independent of the vendor and independent of the lender.

Getting a mortgage

First, you wouldn't buy a house without shopping around, so why would you buy a mortgage without shopping around? Because it's tedious? Yes, that's true and that's why recommend using a broker, but not just any broker.

We wholeheartedly recommend MoneyBack Mortgages for a number of reasons which you can (and should!) read about here.

In short, they will do the work for you, and pay you for the privilege - a service long overdue in Ireland, we think.

MoneyBack Mortgages' service is so good they have been recommended by many leading consumer affairs experts.

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