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Auctioneers & Estate agents

Most likely, you will have a choice of Auctioneers or Estate Agents to sell your property. Remember, you are the customer and they need your business to survive.

Traditionally, agents have charged a percentage fee for handling the sale of a property. This fee is usually 1.5% to 2.5% of the eventual sale price.

For a €200,000 property, this will amount to €4,000 to €5,000, a significant sum.

You will find agents are now much more willing to negotiate the level of their fees so feel free to haggle. In addition, it is traditional for the vendor to pay any additional costs such as advertising, printing of brochures, etc
One of the benefits of a booming property market is that there is intense competition between agents for sale instructions from vendors. While we do not advocate paring the price down to the cheapest you can get, it is sensible to approach more than one auctioneer, find out what service they offer and what price they charge.

Make sure you are comparing like-with-like. Do they include a basic level of advertising in their basic price, do they do accompanied viewings, viewings at the weekend, do they have a mailing list, what services are charged as extra? In short, you are the customer - check what you are getting for your money.

Remember to read the contract carefully before signing. What happens if you find a buyer yourself or you want to change to a different agent? The contract should tell you and you can decide for yourself whether it is fair to both parties. If you don't think so, ask them to change it or find another agent, but if you sign it, you are legally bound by it's terms and conditions. Back to top

Outside your property

There is a lot you can do to help your agent to achieve a quick sale at a good price.

Do be realistic about the price you ask for your property.

Do be flexible about viewing times.

Where there is a choice of properties, a purchaser may view and buy another property - you may never get a second chance.

Many prospective buyers will drive by and view a property from the road before deciding to ask the agent for an appointment to view internally.

Do make sure the appearance from the outside is as good as possible.

pick up any litter, cut the grass, trim the hedges, touch up paintwork, put out some planted tubs and keep them looking good.

go to work leaving the curtains closed all day or the litter overflowing the bin

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Inside the property

If the outside of your property is important, the inside is even more so. After location, space and light are the two most important aspects for home buyers.

Clear away the clutter, tidy up the toys, make the beds, wash and put away the dishes and the laundry. Keep cats and dogs out of the house for the duration, not everybody likes them!

A good tip is to pack as much as you can when you put your house on the market - you will have to do it soon anyway and you will be surprised how much stuff you can do without for a few weeks.
Viewing - inside property

Try to get rid of any strong smells such as those from animals or cooking. The old clichés of putting on a pot of coffee or some bread in the oven may be past their best but some fresh flowers are a good idea, and make sure the windows are clean.

Keep work surfaces in the kitchen reasonably tidy and clear of clutter.

Make sure the house is warm but not stifling and if you have an open fireplace in the living room, light a fire.

It is probably not worthwhile redecorating unless it is badly needed or unless your colour scheme is very distinctive! Decor is unlikely to add anything to the value but you need to avoid decor which detracts from the value.

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Property viewings The Auctioneer or Estate Agent will probably conduct most of the viewings but if you are showing people around yourself, it is best not to shadow your viewers too closely. You are likely to make them feel uncomfortable and rushed.

Greet them cheerfully, make them feel welcome, point out any distinctive features, proximity to amenities, etc., then let them look around on their own.

Meet them again when they have finished, answer any questions they may have and let them know that they are welcome to come back for another look if they want.

You should refer any discussion about the price to your agent. He/she is a trained negotiator and this is what you are paying for.

If you are in when your agent is conducting viewings, it is probably not necessary to go out but try not to be in your dressing gown, in the bath or worse still, in bed! (Oh yes, it does happen). Your viewers wont be able to get away quick enough and are unlikely to ever trouble you further. They need to be able to visualise the property as theirs and that is very hard to do if you are tucked up in bed in the master bedroom.

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